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Top Bathroom Ideas In 2021

As we know, a little change can spruce up any space, and bring freshness to the area. A bathroom is one of those places that can be truly relaxing and calming if designed and decorated the right way. So if you have been thinking about transforming your bathroom into something new, then you have come to the right place! We have compiled some top bathroom ideas in 2021. With so many bathroom decor trends to choose from, there is surely one for everyone’s liking. Here are some of the top bathroom ideas for 2021:

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Bathroom Ideas #1 Block Bold Colours 

Bathroom Ideas #1

Image credit: Victoria Plum

One of the famous bathroom trends in 2020 was maximalism, a celebration of kitschy, extravagant interiors that are busy but coordinated. One of the resonant features of maximalism continuing into 2021 is using bold, block colours in the bathroom.

Think of colours in shades that you wouldn’t usually place in a bathroom, like pink or green, and find a way to incorporate them in a way you enjoy. Colour isn’t just reserved for walls, either.

More and more homeowners now are being bolder with their colour choices, cranking the volume right up to maximum with a single, all-over colour, which includes matching furniture and other products like basins or taps.

Bathroom Ideas # 2 Earthy Tones with Wooden Elements

Bathroom Ideas #2

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Incorporating wooden elements is one of the bathroom ideas for 2021. It is also a timeless idea expected to stay a trend for a very long time! What is great is that with so many bathroom decor options available in wood, you can easily find the right fit for your bathroom.

If you want to make slight changes to your bathroom, then you can easily incorporate elements like wooden framed mirrors, wooden shelves, trays, etc. For a bolder intervention, one can even go for wooden-clad walls, wooden vanities, etc. Wooden finishes add an earthy vibe to the bathroom interior and are naturally calming.

This style can be coupled effectively with landscaping to have a fuller bathroom interior. Some creative ways to add wood into a bathroom interior include using blinds, shower mats, and bath accessories in timber.

Bathroom Ideas # 3 The Dark and Mysterious Mattle Black

Bathroom Ideas #3

Image credit: The Bathroom Cellar

Grey has been one of the more popular bathroom design colours the past few years, but now, in 2021, it is time for black accents to shine! The moody bathroom colour palettes channel an edgy gothic style but keep things modern by only using black as an accent.

The trend is most popular in vanities, mirrors, light fixtures, and other finishes like drawer handles and towel bars. Unlike gold or something that could be considered gaudy depending on the year, black never goes out of style.

The other great thing is the black bathroom fixtures can easily add a bit of intrigue to nearly any design scheme and update the boring space or lacklustre tile. Adding a dreamy matte black finish on a faucet or showerhead adds a pop of glamour and warmth to create a modern feel without a hefty cost.

Bathroom Ideas # 4 Statement Bathtubs 

Bathroom Ideas #4

Image Credit: West One Bathroom

Statement Bathtubs could be by far the easiest of the bathroom design trends 2021 to implement. A bathtub in itself can instantly elevate the look and feel of any bathroom. Standalone bathtubs are bold, beautiful, and everything that your bathroom needs.

You can install a bathtub in a variety of materials to suit your taste or the rest of the bathroom decor. For example, ceramic, fibreglass, and acrylic are some common, luxurious finishes available for a bathtub. It is the bathroom essential where you need not necessarily shy away from traditional designs.

 A classic bathtub can add a touch of vintage to your decor and will be something that you enjoy for a long time, even as the trends come and go as they do.

Bathroom Ideas # 5 Double Vanities 

Bathroom Ideas #5

Image credit: Homedit

Getting a double vanity might be the most functional trend to adapt from the sea of bathroom decor trends that are now available.

Double vanities are a great timesaver, especially in the morning, as they allow both partners to get ready simultaneously. Besides that, double vanities also provide a little more countertop and storage space.

However, before you decide on getting a double vanity for your bathroom, do consider the amount of space that it will take up. For a small bathroom, a double vanity might not be the best idea.

In a situation of lack of space, it will only add to the inconvenience. But if you can afford the space, then double vanity adds a lot of oomph to any bathroom decor.

Bathroom Ideas # 6 Frameless Shower Frames 

Bathroom Ideas #6

Image credit: Reliance Home

It is not just a trend; starting from 2021, this is going to be the norm. Shower frames can add unnecessary congestion in bathroom decor, especially if they are small.

A frameless shower partition will not only add class to your bathroom design but will also make it light and spacious-looking. Its classy design makes any bathroom look instantly neater as well.

Besides that, without a bulky frame or shower curtains to segment the room, frameless glass showers create the optical illusion of a bigger bathroom space.

If you are someone with minimal taste, this little detail is definitely for you.


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