10 Lighting Styles To Match Your Personality Type
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10 Lighting Styles To Match Your Personality Type

In this article, we have curated some ways of gauging how your personality can match the design style of your lighting.

Though there are guidelines when determining your lighting (by the principle of light layering), we will share with you which lighting types are the best match for your personality. This can give you some creative insight when planning a major renovation or just a quick makeover.

From romantic lovers to vintage types, we have got a wide range of personality types covered here. Are you a sensitive individual who loves all things vintage or a modern person who just enjoys a simple way of living?

Here are some tips to help you match your lighting styles with your personality so you can assemble a unique lighting system that shines with who you are.

If you are curious and want to know your match, read on!

1. The Socialist – Bohemian


Love talking and being social. Charismatic and confident. A perpetual optimist who gets their soul energized by being around others in gatherings.

Suit Style

To match the brightness of this personality type, Bohemian Style uses bright colours and lighting in its interior design. Richly patterned and slightly rustic lighting fixtures are suited for those who love living without restrictions.

They are easy to rearrange and match with other furnishings if a change in interior style is needed, leading to endless style combinations.

The Socialist – Bohemian

Image via overstock & Residency

2. The Kind Soul – Shabby Chic


Caring, Thoughtful, and Passionate. Quiet and reserved at first until people get to truly know them. Strict, Generous, and stick strongly to their values.

Suit Style

Shabby Chic is a design style of low temperament. It feels gentle, using mostly white or pastel shades to make the room feel open and bright. This resonates with this personality type’s desire to welcome strangers to get to know them better.

Avoid bold colours; soft white, pale pink, and light green are colours that best fit this style. Choose lighting that is soft on the eyes, with fixtures designed with motifs of flowers and dreamy clouds. Vintage accessories and light-coloured furniture are also well suited for this style.

The Kind Soul - Shabby ChicImage via hgtv & Yale appliance

3. The Thinker – Bauhaus


A Creative Thinker, who is easy-going, objective, imaginative, and original. They think of the big picture and how every detail can fit and work together. They can also be dreamers since their minds are occupied most of the time, so they may be seen as introverted.

Suit Style:

Greatly influenced by The Bauhaus, a German school of modern art and design founded in 1919, the Bauhaus style is derived from the German verb Baune (meaning “to build”) and focused on the principle ‘Form follows Function’.

Here, the function is prioritized over aesthetics, seeking to not occupy too much space. Design elements include distinct clear lines, bright lighting, and geometric shapes with bold modern features. The famous Bauhaus table lamp is the most popular furnishing of this style.

The Thinker - BauhausImage via Ambiente Direct& AliExpress

4. The Caretaker – Traditional & Transitional


Traditional, calm, supportive, orderly, and predictable. Not a fan of wild or chaotic places. Sensitive to the needs of others. A loyal and hardworking person who possesses a deep sense to connect and good at connecting with others.

Suit Style

Traditional and Transitional styles give an environment a nice homey feeling. Plain shades and ivory or white themes are the best colours to use here. Lighting fixtures should be non-neon types; if they are Contemporary or Neutral-styled, they can help give off a welcoming feel.

Such fixtures are best paired with light-coloured upholstery and flooring for a perfect combination. Lamps with silk shades, wall sconces, and floor lamps are also well suited for this style.

The Caretaker – Traditional & TransitionalImage via Decor Aid & Wayfair

5. The Organizer – Modern


No-nonsense, structured, organized, and honest. Prefers things in order and structure in their surroundings. Dedicated and strong-willed when doing things. Honest and direct.

Suit Style

The Modern style fits nicely with natural materials and neutral and earthy colours in a monochromatic palette. For lighting elements, lighting fixtures designed with horizontal and vertical lines with few curves are preferred.

Such fixtures should focus on functionality without any unnecessary fluffs. However, natural lighting and materials are usually the main focus of the modern style so one should not rely on artificial lighting too much.

The Organizer - ModernImage via DecorAmor & Modern Emporer Lighting

6. The Organizer – Minimalist


Prefers keeping things simple and straightforward. Comfortable with just the bare necessities, free of clutter and excessive decor. Detail-oriented, strong-willed, and dutiful. Sometimes seen as a Jack-of-all-trades due to their responsible, honest, and direct nature.

Suit Style

The Minimalist interior style has been popular for a few years, and for good reason; this style features low-lying furnishings and neat clean surfaces to help maximize space.

Lights should be bright and simple, with little emphasis on aesthetic but focused on functionality and being as non-intrusive as possible. The default color for this theme is white, with some other favourite colours being ivory, beige, or any solid color that exudes calmness.

Another design style focused on simplicity and space-saving furniture is the Scandinavian style. These two styles are the most cost-effective interior design themes in most renovation projects in Singapore.

The Organizer - Minimalist Image via Home Guide

The Organizer - MinimalistImage via Home Designing 

7. The Leader – Cottage


A warm welcoming personality, with a genuine interest in others. Believes in the good in every person they meet and open to bringing out the best in them.

As the name suggests, this personality type is a natural leader, being charismatic, reliable, and tolerant towards others which makes them a great team player.

Suit Style

The Cottage style resembles the Shabby Chic style mentioned earlier on – just imagine a holiday home on the beach with lots of white, beige, and faded colours. For lighting fixtures, almost anything can be turned into one, from an old jug, vase, tin, to even an old glass jar.

A trip to the local handicraft market can inspire some ideas for your interior design. Other styles that fit this personality type are the vintage and rustic styles. The more unusual the item, the more fun it will look when it is incorporated into the design.

The Leader - CottageImage via Completly Coastal & Etsy

8. The Bold – Retro


Spontaneous, lively, and adaptable to whatever life throws at them. Practical and rational when dealing with people.

Bold and daring to push boundaries. Open to exploring new things and ideas. Can be the life of the party, as they love to entertain and keep themselves busy.

Suit Style

The Retro style is a good fit for the bold and daring. Lighting fixtures that resemble anything from the past 20 to 80 years are ideal since design that is culturally outdated or aged in style has made a comeback in recent years.

This style is known for its bold colors, large pattern, and unique vintage flair. Floor lamps or table lamps with square or tasseled shades are great choices.

The Bold - Retro

Image via eBay & Avelina

9. Rule Breaker – Eclectic


A knowledgeable quick thinker and energetic go-getter who is always sure of themselves. Goes for their own flair and does not stick to the standard way of thinking. Can be seen as charismatic and highly skilled during brainstorming sessions.

Suit Style

The eclectic style revolves around mixing and matching contrasting elements with some cohesiveness. Lighting fixtures should also emphasize contrast; such pieces will carry a unique aesthetic, with the unexpected use of materials and the mixing of new and old.

Among all the design styles in this article, this style is the least rigid as it does not hold any fixed rules or concepts. It is up to the individual to decide what feels authentic to themselves.

Rule Breaker - EclecticImage via Interior design & Decor Aid

10. The Observer – Mid-Century Modern


Optimistic, energetic, relaxed, creative, and practical. Likes to explore and get their hands on the wheel. Enjoys moving from one matter to another and willing to share their experiences with those they care about. Calm in times of crisis, and practical and flexible when approaching problems.

Suit Style

This style is influenced by earlier versions of the Bauhaus style, brought about when designers were forced to migrate to the US from Germany after World War II. It was there that the Mid-Century Modern movement was born.

This style uses and experiments with different types of materials, focusing on organic and geometric shapes. Lighting fixtures were designed to be bold but not too flashy. Design features of this style include classic understated looks, clear lines, and minimal fuss. 

The Observer – Mid-Century ModernImage via Shades of Light  & The Tile Shop Blog

Is there any style on this list that interests you? If you like more than one style, the good news is that there is no rule saying you should stick to only one style when deciding what your home should look like.

In fact, it is most likely that there will be a possible mix of styles to suit your needs and add some personalization to your home. No matter what your chosen lighting design is, it is important to take note of its functions and its placements.

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