With more than four decades in the construction industry, Arc Floor Pte Ltd has generated a remarkable understanding of materials and carries professional expertise to turn ideas into reality.


At a time where public housing was first being provided to its people in Singapore, Arc Floor (then Cheap & Beauty Teak Parquet) was created with a desire to contribute to society. We started in 1974, with a mission to provide an affordable and sustainable solution that marries cost-efficient timber flooring with industry-leading professional service. We understand that every project is unique and requires the utmost attention to deliver the desired results.


We continually embrace the following principles:

AUTHENTICITY: Genuine promises with professional results

RELIABILITY: Exceptional quality products and services with timely delivery

COMMITMENT: Responsible practice and honesty towards all


Products Showcase

Engineered Timber manufactured using 3-layer high-quality base timber, middle core and top layer of Oak, Ash or American Walnut. High-quality timber composition with innovative polyurethane hot-melt adhesive is used to bond all 3-layers of engineered flooring planks providing perfect symmetry and balance; and superb stability. 100% Eco-friendly – the glue does not contain added formaldehyde or any other hazardous substances at all.


Kristalbond® solar coating is a safe and eco-friendly liquid solution that shields against the suns harmful radiation for living comfort and energy savings. Invented in Japan and patented in 16 countries, it is made using non-toxic ingredients; and free from plastic, adhesive and metal. Once applied on glass, Kristalbond® solar coating forms a transparent layer with a slight tint of green – thin, yet with glass-like hardness – to block out harmful radiation with exceptional durability.


Premium Nordic vinyl from Sweden is specifically chosen for its refined grain texture and seamless joining. It is made from virgin vinyl, with its surface treated with a ceramic coating for added strength and resilience. Its remarkable properties – phthalate-free and BPA free offer a safe floor for all. This material is available in a wide range of designs and colours, allowing it to fit countless themes and design concepts.

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