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Got A Yard? 5 Ways To Use Your Empty Yard

If you’ve got a yard with your landed property, then you may have struck jackpot! No matter its size, you can relax in your yard and be surrounded by nature. You can also invite your friends and relatives to have a BBQ and a cup of tea there.

However, most of us are busy with our work, and any leftover spare time is often not enough to take care of the yard space. As a result, this beautiful area is sometimes forgotten and even neglected.

In order to avoid such regrets, we have compiled 5 ways to use your empty yard and turn it into a very comfortable space!

1. Build a Patio and Add a Bench

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A patio can give you extra space for your home. It can become a perfect area for you to have parties, BBQs, and other celebrations with your friends and family.

Adding a fence and bench will be an excellent touch to your patio. This set-up allows your children to roll, tumble, and enjoy outdoor games in the backyard. In addition, you may also install swings to entertain your little ones more.

2. Hang String/Fairy Lights

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Hanging string or fairy lights can make your yard feel magical. You can hang some lights to create a romantic environment, especially during the night. This can turn your yard into an ideal place to relax and talk with the one you love.

In addition to lights, some wooden pergola, chandeliers, and hanging flower pots can also be used to decorate your yard and create a warm atmosphere!

If you’re wondering about how to use string lights to decorate your yard, here’s some string lighting ideas for you!

3. Secret Garden

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Got a yard? It’s time to build your own secret garden! You can buy some seeds of your favourite plants and fill your yard with a good grade of topsoil. But be careful not to plant too many seeds lest your yard starts to look messy. You can try to mark down the areas for planting in your yard before you start your garden.

If you’re wondering which flowers to plant in your yard, here’s a list of the best flowers to grow.

Some stones and cobblestones can also be used to beautify your secret garden!

4. Small Fountain

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The best thing about fountains is that they help create a serene ambience in any space. You can create a romantic, mysterious vibe in your yard with a mist fountain. You can DIY your fountains with a plant pot or small wooden barrels. If you find DIY daunting to do, you can simply buy a water fountain or ask an expert to design one for you based on your preference.

By adding a fountain to your yard, you can enhance the aesthetic value of your landed property. Some new plants and fishes can give your yard an oasis look, thus amplifying its beauty.

5. Install A Garden Hose

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A garden hose can be considered as essential for your yard. It provides the yard with a controllable water flow to irrigate plants and wash other things.

Besides, if you have pets (especially dogs or cats), you may want to separate your shower area into two areas – one for them and one for yourself – since they shed a lot. Therefore, an outdoor hose will be useful for showering your pets outdoors in a separate space. It will also help you save time on cleaning up your pets’ shed fur.

Perhaps we can interest you in checking out some ideas in making your landed property pet-friendly?

As a reminder, you may want to avoid hoses that are overly cheap and made with low-quality materials. Only hoses made with high-quality materials will be durable and long-lasting.

These are the 5 ways to use your empty yard. You can spend some time on the weekends to start building up and decorating your yard, so that you can have a nice outdoor space to relax in after a long day’s work!

Singapore is a tropical rainforest country, with hot weather all year round. So having a shelter of sorts attached to your house can make things cooler (temperature-wise and appearance-wise) for you. So check out these tips on how to optimize outdoor spaces before you start to design your empty yard.

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